HSC – Haïti Sailing Cup

Haiti Sailing Cup Cover 2020


Haiti Sailing Cup was created with the specific vision of one individual wanting to not only promote the activities of the surrounding areas of the Cap-Haïtien bay but also to assist the fishermen who day after day take the long journey with their measly sails out to sea for the day’s catch hoping that they will go out far enough to bring back a profitable and generous bounty. Thus Haiti Sailing Cup was founded. Its mission is to better organize these fishermen and boost the economic and social exchange in our community. This is achieved through the support of sponsors by participating in the renovating and staffing of new sails as well as supplying marine accessories for these sailboats that will enable our fishermen to venture farther into the ocean for their fishing needs, thereby giving them the opportunity to contribute and profit into the economic system of the country.

Each weekend will be an unforgettable one! More boats, more participants, and the prize is one outboard engine each Sunday! The whole city of Cap-Haitien and the fishermen village at Rival Beach will be there! The race will also include VIP passes for sponsors, including all day activities, food, and music. Stay late to enjoy our after-party with DJ.

4h PM – 8h PM
Course de lancement
lieu: ————

5h PM – 8h PM
Course Eléminatoire
lieu: Boulevard Cap-haïtien

10h AM – 2h PM
Course à Rames: De Ile à Rat à Marquis Paradise
lieu: Labadie

2h PM – 6h PM
Parade, Exposition voiliers & Course: The Finals
lieu: Boulevard du Cap-Haïtien

7h PM – 9h PM
Célébration avec les champions
lieu: GWOG, Cap-Haïtien

10h AM – 2h PM
Parade d’exposition voiliers sponsors
lieu: Boulevard Cap-Haïtien
etc …



Dates :

25/08/2020 au

Lieu :


Tarifs et paiement :

Prix free


Contact :

(509) 2817 3555

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